Our New Pagers

One day I was out with my family for supper and there was a wait, so the restaurant gave us a pager to let us know when our table was ready.? Well, I thought that was a fantastic idea and, being a dental office in the mall, how amazing that would be to do for our patients.? On many occasions we have parents and spouses wanting to go for a walk while their children or spouse is in having their treatment done or we have run a little behind and our patients themselves have wanted to go for a walk instead of waiting in the office.? There has been more than one occasion that I have gone looking for a patient to let them know we were ready to see them.? What better solution then than having a pager system! A few weeks ago we finally got our pagers for the office.? Of course we had to test them out before we gave them to our clients.? So we sent the receptionist for a walk and then when our team members decided she needed a coffee we figured we should give her a pager just in case we needed her back in the office right away or in case, we joked, that she got lost.? We discovered after the fun we had with them that these pagers were going to be a great asset to the office and it was time to take them seriously and offer them to the clients. Our patients at first were confused with what we were offering them, but soon became quite excited for the pagers and some have even now started to ask for one.? Parents no longer need to wait for their children to have their procedure done.? They can have a break themselves and grab a coffee, or go shopping and when their pager vibrates they know we are ready for them. Be aware though that we have established that the Dollar Store is as far as you can go with our pagers, so there may still be the occasion I?ll need to come find you!