Small Acts of Kindness

There is nothing better than when you can make a patient?s day and this is probably one of the greatest things I get to do.? We really are all about building relationships with our patients and this is a great story I feel honoured to share. We had a patient who was coming in to receive her partial.? She always comes in with a smile on her face and a great conversation, and this afternoon was no different.? However, due to circumstances out of our, and our lab?s control, her partial was delayed by the courier service. On-time service is a core value of ours here at Colchester Dental so we felt horrible for her wait. Additionally, she was so patient during her wait that we wanted to do something to show her how much we value her kindness.? So we, Smile House Lab and Colchester Dental, decided we would do her procedure for her at no cost and treat her to Tim Horton?s. What we didn?t expect was how much this would mean to her.? She didn?t expect or demand this, and she completely understood things happen sometimes, but our gesture left her speechless and crying. She said that she has had a rough few months and this small act of appreciation was something she needed.? I think by the time she left we all were crying at the front desk. Afterwards, we all showed each other just a little more appreciation all day long because sometimes you just never know what a small act of kindness can do for someone.