Halloween Suggestions from Colchester

At Colchester Dental, we do not want you to deny your children the joy of Halloween. We encourage you to let them experience the fun of going trick or treating, and all the yummy candy that goes along with it.

What we suggest is that when your children return from trick or treating, after checking their treat bags for safety, you should encourage them to pick 10 treats. This is the perfect time to help your children decide what is a reasonable amount of candy to keep, and what would be good to donate to others or freeze for later.

The message doesn?t have to be ?candy is bad,? but rather that candy in excess can lead to cavities. This will allow your child to learn two important lessons: how to control their diets, and how what they eat relates to how healthy their teeth will be. This will also be a great time to review brushing and flossing, since you can encourage them to remember to clean their teeth of all the excess sugar that comes from snacking.

Colchester Dental wishes you a very spooky Halloween, and want to remind you to stop by our office with your child in order to get their Halloween treat. Yes, along with helpful Halloween tips, we will also be giving out candy!

Happy Halloween from the Colchester Dental Team!