The Truth About Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Here at Colchester Dental, we frequently receive questions regarding impacted wisdom teeth, and the treatment options.? Your wisdom teeth are the last four of your 32 teeth to erupt, and they typically begin to appear between the ages of 17-25. When the teeth do not have enough room to emerge normally, they are considered impacted, they can become twisted, tilted or displaced as they are trying to emerge. If you or someone you know has concerns about their wisdom teeth, Colchester Dental will be happy to arrange a time for you to meet with a dentist to review these concerns with you.   There are several ways that your teeth can be considered impacted, based on where their placement is in your jaw. A soft impaction is when the crown of the tooth has come through the bone, but the gum tissue is still covering part of the tooth.? Partial bony impaction occurs when the tooth is partially through, but another part remains in the jawbone. Lastly, complete bony impaction is when the entire tooth remains encased in the jawbone.   It is important to note that not all impacted wisdom teeth show symptoms. You could have impacted wisdom teeth and not even realize it. The best way to determine if you have impacted wisdom teeth, is by contacting your dental provider and having an exam done, including x-rays, to determine where your wisdom teeth lie. We can arrange this appointment for you.   If you do start to experience symptoms, it is often because the gum that is on top of the tooth has become swollen or infected.? These symptoms could include, but not be limited to, painfully swollen or bleeding gums, swelling in and around the jaw, bad breath, headaches and/or jaw aches, an unpleasant taste while eating, stiffness in the jaw area, and swollen lymph nodes.? Please remember that these can also be symptoms of other dental or medical conditions, so it is important not to ignore them.   Leaving impacted wisdom teeth untreated can lead to many other dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and over crowding. Early intervention is key to preventing any symptoms or issues from impacted wisdom teeth.? X-rays can show your dental provider, early on, where your wisdom teeth are sitting and if immediate removal of the teeth is necessary.? Colchester Dental can help you with this process, book your appointment now!